Abigail Best Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy

Specialising in Electrolysis hair removal, Advanced Electrolysis, Eve Taylor Facial Treatments, CND Shellac Nails and Waxing.

Abigail Best is licensed by Huntingdon District Council to carry out Electrolysis.                                  Your consultation and treatments are carried out with the utmost care and attention with a focus on precision, hygiene and confidentiality. All treatments use Sterex equipment, disposable gloves and needles.                                                          We will discuss your individual needs and create a treatment plan that will achieve the results you desire. This plan is always flexible as your needs may change and we can respond to those changes at the appropriate time.                                                  Where possible you will have regular appointments at the same time each week to ensure you are able to attend treatment sessions on a regular basis.                                                             It may be necessary and beneficial to contact your GP or Consultant to discuss the best course of treatment for you needs and to update them so all relevant professionals are aware of the progress being made.                                                                       For more advice or to book a consultation click on the link below.

Transgender Electrolysis Prices                           

1 hour consultation -  Free of Charge                

Up to:                                                                                 5 Minutes      £13.50                                                         10 Minutes    £16.50                                                         15 Minutes    £19.00                                                     20 Minutes   £22.50                                                         25 Minutes    £25.50                                                     30 Minutes   £32.00                                                        45 Minutes   £45.00                                                   1    Hour        £53.00                                                     2   Hours       £73.00

Courses of 6 treatments can be purchased at 17% discount.                                                                             Courses of 12 treatments can be purchased at 20% discount.                                                                             Courses must be paid for in full at or before the first treatment.                                                                  Courses must be completed within two years of payment unless agreed otherwise.                              

Initial After Care Required £10.00.

Vouchers can be purchased in multiples of £5.00.